Q. I would like to cancel my order.

A. Due to system limitations, we generally cannot accept cancellations due to customer convenience. Please note.

Q. I forgot to enter my coupon code. Can I apply it later?

A.Due to system reasons, coupon codes cannot be applied to orders after payment has been completed.

Q. I would like to change my payment method.

A. You cannot change the payment method after payment is completed. Please note.

Q. Where can I check my order history?

A. You can check by logging into your account.
*If you are purchasing as a guest, you cannot check your order history. We will send you an email to create an account, so please contact us on official LINE.

Q. I placed an order but I haven't received an email.

A. We send an email to each customer who makes a purchase. Please contact the official LINE , as it is possible that you have set up email rejection or entered the address incorrectly.

Q. I received an invoice even though the product had not arrived.

A. If you choose paidy convenience store deferred payment, your bill will be finalized on the 3rd day of the month following your order. Therefore, you may receive an invoice before receiving the product.
For other paidy deferred payment inquiries, please click here .